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Plate from Ross B Camera (South Africa)

010433_1964_l.png Plate preview
Applause ID: dr.3/plates/207_52454
Archive: Ross B Camera (South Africa)
Plate number in archive: 10433
Institute: Dr. Karl Remeis-Sternwarte, Bamberg
Observer name: Knigge
Observer notes:
Miscellaneous notes: Boyden no.=017787, Bamberg no.=010433
Bibcode of related paper:
Plate series: Bamberg Southern Sky Patrol
Plate development information:
Plate quality: 1-2
Plate notes: satellite trail, weak developer stain W edge
Plate format: 16x16 cm
Emulsion: Gevaert 67A50
Original recorded date: 1964-04-03
Number of exposures: 1
Observatory name: Harvard-Boyden St.
Observatory site name: Boyden Observatory; Bloemfontein; South Africa
East longitude of the observing site: 26.4047 deg
Latitude of the observing site: -29.0388 deg
Elevation of the observatory site: 1372.0 m
Clear aperture of the telescope: 0.08 m
Focal length of the telescope: 0.53 m
Plate scale of the telescope: 391.0 arcsec/mm
Instrument name:
Observation filter:
Observation method code (following WFPDB):
Observation prism used:
Used grating:
Air temperature:
Calmness (seeing conditions):
Notes on sky conditions:
Filename scan: 010433_1964_h.fits
Header file (DR3): 010433_1964_h.hdr
Length of data axis 1: 14500
Length of data axis 2: 14600
Min. value in the image: 6451
Max. value in the image: 65094
Scanner name: Epson Expression 10000XL
Scanner software: VueScan 9 X32 (9.0.21) Standard Edition
Scanner gamma value: 1.0
Scanner focus: -0.4
Resolution of axis 1: 2400 dpi
Resolution of axis 2: 2400 dpi
Pixel size along axis 1: 10.5833 um
Pixel size along axis 2: 10.5833 um
Scan date and time: March 14, 2013, 1:36 p.m.
Author of the scan: N. Jansen
Notes about the scan: scan orientation: 96
Institute responsible for the scan: Dr. Karl Remeis-Sternwarte, Bamberg