Archives of Photographic PLates for Astronomical USE

Astrometric calibration in sub-fields (applause_dr3.astrom_subfield)

The table has 42962456 rows, 34 columns.


This table contains astrometric error estimates for individual magnitude ranges in annular bins. Unique Identifier sub_id


If you have made substantial use of the data provided by APPLAUSE DR3, kindly include this acknowledgement

Funding for APPLAUSE has been provided by DFG (German Research Foundation, Grant), Leibniz Institute for Astrophysics Potsdam (AIP), Dr. Remeis Sternwarte Bamberg (University Nürnberg/Erlangen), the Hamburger Sternwarte (University of Hamburg) and Tartu Observatory. Plate material also has been made available from Thüringer Landessternwarte Tautenburg.


Name Type UCD Unit Description
sub_id int
Unique sub-field identification number
process_id int Process identification number
scan_id int Scan identification number
exposure_id int Exposure identification number
plate_id int Plate identification number
archive_id int Archive identification number
astrom_sub_grid short meta.number
astrom_sub_id int meta.number
parent_sub_id int Hierarchical sub-field number for the parent sub-field (0 for grid level 2). Example: for sub-field 2134, the parent sub-field is 213.
x_min float pos.cartesian.x
X-coordinate of the left edge of the sub-field
x_max float pos.cartesian.x
X-coordinate of the right edge of the sub-field
y_min float pos.cartesian.y
Y-coordinate of the bottom edge of the sub-field
y_max float pos.cartesian.y
Y-coordinate of the top edge of the sub-field
x_min_ext float meta.number
x_max_ext float meta.number
y_min_ext float meta.number
y_max_ext float meta.number
num_sub_stars int meta.number
num_ref_stars int meta.number
above_threshold short meta.code None 1 if the number of stars and the number of reference stars in the extended sub-field are both above threshold (50) for improving astrometric calibration, 0 otherwise
num_selected_ref_stars int meta.number
scamp_crossid_radius float meta.number
num_scamp_stars int meta.number
scamp_sigma_axis1 float meta.number
scamp_sigma_axis2 float meta.number
scamp_sigma_mean float meta.number
scamp_sigma_prev_axis1 float meta.number
scamp_sigma_prev_axis2 float meta.number
scamp_sigma_prev_mean float meta.number
scamp_sigma_diff float meta.number
apply_astrometry short meta.number
num_applied_stars int meta.number None Number of stars in the sub-field to which the improved astrometric calibration was applied
timestamp_insert timestamp time.creation Time[yyyy-mm-dd hh:mm:ss] Timestamp of insert
timestamp_update timestamp time.creation Time[yyyy-mm-dd hh:mm:ss] Timestamp of last update