Archives of Photographic PLates for Astronomical USE


Cultural Heritage Objects

The Europeana collects from all over Europe digitized objects from archives, libraries, museums and other sources and makes them available to the public. The Europeana collects all these objects under the notion of being Cultural Heritage Objects (CHO). Since all our published plates document a period of scientific work in astronomy, we committed to making all plate images, logbooks and envelopes available to Europeana. This required implementing their data model (EDM) and supporting with the APPLAUSE website the OAI-PMH protocol for harvesting our metadata on the published objects.

Within Germany, the interface to Europeana is provided by it's German representative, the DDB (Deutsche Digitale Bibliothek). AIP signed a contract with DDB, establishing a stable basis for publishing the data of APPLAUSE to the Europeana.

For a convenient viewing of the CHO resources use our Europeana Viewer. If you want to lookup a particular plate, logbook or note, query the database and get the AID (APPLAUSE ID) from the plate table, the logpage table ,or the logbook table in the database and use this with the viewer.

The Europeana viewer is based on Daiqiri, our data publishing framework published on github.