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Plate from Grosser Schmidt-Spiegel (Hamburg)

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Applause ID: dr.3/plates/102_8735
Archive: Grosser Schmidt-Spiegel (Hamburg)
Plate number in archive: GS00001
Institute: Hamburger Sternwarte
Observer name: Hardorp (1958-67)
Observer notes:
Miscellaneous notes: Fokus
Bibcode of related paper:
Plate series:
Plate development information:
Plate quality:
Plate notes:
Plate format: 24x24 cm
Emulsion: Perutz Blau 450
Original recorded date: 1954-11-19
Number of exposures: 1
Observatory name: Hamburger Sternwarte
Observatory site name: Hamburg-Bergedorf; Germany
East longitude of the observing site: 10.242 deg
Latitude of the observing site: 53.482 deg
Elevation of the observatory site: 41.0 m
Clear aperture of the telescope: 0.8 m
Focal length of the telescope: 2.4 m
Plate scale of the telescope: 86.0 arcsec/mm
Instrument name:
Observation filter:
Observation method code (following WFPDB):
Observation prism used:
Used grating:
Air temperature:
Calmness (seeing conditions):
Notes on sky conditions: