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Astroplate Wiki is intended for sharing know-how on digitization and preservation of astronomical photographic records. Contributions on all issues related to photographic plates and films are welcome.

Astroplate Wiki is a result of the AstroPlate Meeting 2014 in Prague, where many scientists from Europe, America, Asia came together to present their current efforts to digitize the photographic plates from a century of astronomical observations, or scientific work using the plates and digitized images. Software not only to annotate and publish images of the plates, but also to generate catalogs with astrometry, photometry and even spectroscopy of the celestial objects contained in the plates was presented.

Astroplate Wiki is meant as a collaborative space to further the exchange of knowledge, software and archival procedures as well as improving the standardisation of metadata, catalog data, and scientific tools.

Note: For writing/editing texts in the Astroplate Wiki you need to register. To do that you can send a registration request to one of the admins, e.g. Sergei Schmalz (

Archives and preservation of photographic records

Digitization process

Handling of digitized data

Data structure and file formats


Lost and Found

  • Astronomical plates missing from a collection that that are being sought
  • Astronomical plates found that do not belong to the observatory currently holding them